Murudeshwar – Home to second Largest Shiva Statue

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Murudeshwar, as we drove to the jungle, I was inconsequential; however, I felt like I belonged there. The trees do not care for me either, as they don’t avert their gaze or look disgruntled at my presence—instead, the towering trees slant over the ground. And the sunlight passes through any tiny holes illuminating the green background. I could hear the birds chirping along the way back to their nest. And the air tasted both sweet and fresh at twilight.

Murudeshwar – Home to second Largest Shiva Statue
Way to Murudeshwar

We reached Murudeshwar by late evening, and it was a comfortable drive of 1hr 30min (60kms approx). Murudeshwar is undoubtedly a dream destination for all Shaivites and mythology aficionados. Equally well known for Kethapayya Narayan Temple, this temple is adjacent to the majestic statue of Lord Shiva. It is believed one of the Atma-Linga pieces fell on this plot of ground by the shore, where the temple was constructed. Fable has it that Raavan wanted to accomplish immortality, and he worshipped Lord Shiva to receive the Atma-Linga (also referred to as the soul of Shiva). Lord Ganesha was requested to stop Raavan from bringing the Linga back to Lanka. Lord Ganesh trait effectively in the physique of a shepherd boy and agreed to take care of the Linga when Raavan was about to perform his evening prayer. 

Murudeshwar – Home to second Largest Shiva Statue
Shiva Statue

Upon his return, it got late; meanwhile, Ganesh called out to him three times and then left the Linga on the land, which firmly got installed at that location. Knowing he had been tricked, Ravan tried to apply all the force to uproot the Linga from the ground. All that immense force broke the Atma-linga into pieces, and it is said that one of the parts fell at Kanduka Giri, where the Murudeshwar temple was being constructed. However, Murudeshwar also offers the most economical scuba diving experience in India. Whether looking for PADI certification or scuba diving, this place has everything. Netrani island, or Pigeon Island is about 19km from Murudeshwar; an hour boat ride provides an enthralling snorkelling and diving experience. 

Murudeshwar – Home to second Largest Shiva Statue
Murudeshwar Temple

Since it was just night halt, we visited the temple in the evening & walked around the beach, crowded with people enjoying various water sports. I desired to sit & watch the sea waves crashing on the shore, so we walked up to the Naveen beach restaurant- a sea-facing eatery. Mom and I sat on the balcony and ordered some snacks & tea as we watched the twilight. 

Murudeshwar – Home to second Largest Shiva Statue
Naveen Beach resort

Later, we had a quick dinner & hit the bed. We left for Gokarna early morning to reach the Mahabaleshwar temple before noon. 

How to Reach

By Air :

Mangalore airport is the nearest to Murudeshwar, about 153 km. From the airport, Taxis service is available.

By Rail :

Murudeshwar railway station is connected to a significant railhead in India. Murudeshwar railway station is just over 2 km from the town and can be reached by buses and auto-rickshaws.

By Road:

Private and state-run buses connect Murudeshwar to significant states.


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