Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood

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“Winter”! Getting out of bed morning takes a strong will. Leaving the cosy warm blanket and stepping out in the cold isn’t easy. It was a daily battle to wake up in winter as a child. And it was never enough on a foggy, chilly winter day, no matter how many layers of clothes you wear. But the best part was that I always had the liberty to sleep for some more time. 

Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood
Foggy winter morning

Today, on the other hand, adult winter mornings are perfect for mental rejuvenation- the steaming mug of coffee, foggy landscape, and early sunrise contributes to a healthy winter morning. But as a child, my biggest challenge was getting out of my warm bed. But once I’ve overcome the initial hiccup, it’s almost surreal.

Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood
Morning walk as an Adult

I clearly remember the winter school days, the cold air hitting my face just as you stepped out of the door. The entire neighbourhood is dead silent, except for leaves swishing in the wind. Every step-down used to echo in the street – you almost feel apologetic for disturbing the two-month-old pups sleeping on the side of the road. They curl up again and close their eyes with a look of disdain.

Pup on street

I could narrowly make out the shape of the well 50m away from my house. The fog used to be thick, almost blinding, with halos of light hanging over light posts. I was walking a little to the main road when a bonfire greeted me. All colony chowkidars, rickshaw wallas, tea stalls, people etc., are sitting around the orange flame, desperately trying to absorb its warmth. Even I used to join them to warm my cold hands. 

Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood
Morning bonfire

As I reached my bus stop. I was finally joining the other children waiting for the bus. I distinctly remember standing there and blowing out puffs of air resembling smoke. It was so amusing. But this bitterness was comforted later with the warm fuzzy sunshine.

cold breath

Memories of certain scents stay with you for a lifetime; winter was such a magical time to be a child. Until now, the familiar whiff of smoke rising from the bonfire in a stranger’s yard, the aroma of eucalyptus oil and camphor from various cold medicines, and even the odour of warm turmeric milk before bedtime—all remind me of winter. 

Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood
Turmeric milk

With the start of November, winter clothes were all taken out from the dusty bottoms of the closet. All washed and pressed, ready to be worn over the next few months. Ah! Those good old days! But above all, the most loved part of my childhood winter was food- from comforting hot Gajar ka Halwa to seasonal sweet custard apples (Seethaphala). All variety of parathas to snuggling up with a cup of hot Bournvita. Even the Moongfali and Gajak used to be munched day longAnother significant winter achievement was convincing mom to have a cup of tea in winter.

Gajar Ka Halwa

This cold season brings back so many warm memories. As I miss the winter breaks, we don’t get such a break as adults. These winter breaks gave ample reason not to take a bath, & if one took, rush straight for a sunbath. One can relate to sleeping in the sun; I know what a calm sleep feels like. It is pure bliss.


Last but not least is the Christmas holidays. Honestly, it’s like a package of holidays, and then the New Year hits you with honesty. The time to hide in an oversized comfy pullover and watch cartoons, sipping hot chocolate. However, I agree that with every wrong season and for so many right reasons comes ice cream and cold shakes in winter. Though we sneezed later & got beaten up, too, I would try it in the cold, & I still do it.

Winter mornings a lost glory of our childhood
Hot chocolate & Pancake

But the calm, the peace, the fam bam and comfort, everything seems to have faded with time. Presuming I could return and re-live those pure moments one more time. I miss you, dear winter, and I’ll cherish each memory you gave me as a kid.


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