Mothers Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.

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Mother’s day- let’s pause and be thankful for and celebrate the women who raised us. Amid the change happening in the world today, let’s honour mothers and remember how their love and sacrifice are some of the most incredible acts of heroism in this hurting world. Ask most mothers what they want for Mother’s Day, and you’ll get more “moments” than “stuff.” It does make sense. As they always seek moments of quiet, rest, adventure and togetherness. Mother’s day celebration is done on the second Sunday of May for mothers who have dedicated their life to us. They’re selfless yet robust, affectionate and protective, called Mothers.

Mothers Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Mothers In generation

Why On The 2nd Sunday Of May? 

Mothers are real-life queens without crowns! Every second of the day, a mother must be Honoured and respected. Why mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May? What could be the reason behind the celebration idea on a particular day? Let us discover the cause for the commemoration of this day.

The Pioneer: During the mid-19th century, Julia Ward Howe began the first movement toward national observance of mother’s day. It made her appeal to the common public about “A MOTHERS DAY FOR PEACE” after the devastating effect of the civil war. Though the crusader did not receive formal recognition, her works for women’s rights were given credit posthumously in 1988.

Mothers Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Mothers are virtue

The Successor: After nearly 45 years, Anna Jarvis successfully won the idea of Mother’s Day. She successfully introduced the concept of a national holiday for mothers’ for their hard work and efforts. Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis died in 1905 and was Anna’s mother. Since Anna missed her mom greatly, she started a letter-writing campaign to declare an official Mother’s Day. In Virginia, on May 10th 1908, the first observance of mother’s day was given recognition. All states began to participate, and the day by 1911. In the U.S.A May 9th, 1914, Mother’s Day was commemorated nationally for the first time. President Woodrow Wilson also declared Mother’s Day celebrated every second Sunday of May. 

At Present: In countries like Australia, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, and many others celebrating mother’s day. European nations celebrate moms’ day in March, while few other countries celebrate moms’ day and women’s day together.

Mothers Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
All about supporting their child.

For every mother, her family is her empire, and members of the family are her people. Mothers care and strive to give the best at home since the fathers-kid bonds begin after birth. At the same time, mom-child relations are built from the womb. Mothers’ love for their children is beyond the skies, and her care is deep under the ocean. Being a mother is most challenging but also rewarding too. As a recognition of our mother’s support and love, the second Sunday of May commemorates Mother’s day. 

Mothers Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Pure love

Hence, I show my gratitude for all their hard work and sacrifices to make us happy, safe, and well. To each mother who spent the night awake by her sick child, nursing them and taking care of them. To every mother who constantly worries about their family’s safety forgetting their own. 

Mother's Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Support & Family

All the mothers worked extra hours to provide us with everything. Every mother supports their children in every decision and encourages them to be the best version of themselves daily. All mothers who raised a child alone or children who aren’t their own. Although, Kudos to the mother who became a mother without a baby. And to those mothers who left us but still reside in our hearts.

Mother's Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Believe & Guidance

Mothers are our home. Without them, we’re nothing. They are the light which guides us through the darkness. Mother’s love fills our hearts and keeps us moving. Mothers are precious and beautiful ones that the world needs. Regardless of what happens, your smile helps us get through the day despite what trouble we face. And we would do anything to protect and cherish that smile. We appreciate and love you and everything you’ve done for us.

Mother's Day: A gratitude to All Mothers.
Just Happiness

I wish a very Happy mothers day to all of you marvellous women. You deserve all that’s beautiful in life!


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