Friends: They are the solid Wires Of my unique Circuit

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Friends are like, “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colours to my sunset sky.- Rabindranath Tagore”. And I am blessed with these clouds in my life called Friends. There are four basic requirements of any relationship- Trust, Positivity, Consistency and Vulnerability. And we all have something to offer. However, we experience these requirements differ based on our unique wiring. And this special wiring might contribute to or limit your friendships. So on the eve of Friendship Day, which is globally celebrated on 3 August, I thought to pen this unique wiring I share with my friends. After reading this, they will say, “Likhna kya h, Mar Thodi Gaye Hai”, but how do I explain that some emotions are more accessible to write than say?



Before moving ahead with the sneak peek at my friendships, getting some insight into this day is essential. We celebrate friendship day, honouring our friendships, their importance and their value. But do we know how this started? It was initiated in 1930 by Joyce Hall, founder of hallmark cards; though the greeting card association first proposed it in the 1920s-but, it met customer resistance. The first World Friendship Day was introduced on 30 July 1958 in Paraguay. If we look back into our mythology, marking the bond of friendship dates back to the 4th Century. Some companies have rejoiced which transcended the limits of caste, creed or social status- Lord Krishna and Sudama, Lord Rama and Sugriva, Karna and Duryodhana Sita Trijata or Lord Krishna and Drupadi.

The mythological friendship

But, sometimes, I ponder this thought- how would life have been without friends? Naah, let’s not think; it’s scary! Instead, let’s consider what if our life was like the Tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., like living with a friend across the door and tackling life problems together. Along with being sick & stupid- how fascinating isn’t it? Considerably, this is fantasy, but we all have or want that 2 am friend whom we can call or text with or without reason. As with time, people come and go, and even relationships change- only real friends remain unchanged. And I am fortunate to have my 2 am friends with whom I can share my concerns, sadness, opinions, and even celebrate or bitch- it’s indeed a blessing.

Famous Tv show

I feel it’s more dependable to have friends because, as a person, I enjoy making friends. It does not matter which category they fall into- it could be acquaintances, casual friends or colleagues. But I continuously go back to these bunches of annoying yet loving souls- Kunal, Utkarsh and Priyanka. What I love them -I don’t need constant reassurance as I know they are always there for me. In that respect is no hidden agenda or expectation of returns from each other. 

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
The gang

We possess our own travel stories, to crazy parties or just singing along to our favourite songs like -Payar Hume Kis Mode PE Le Aya or Hotel California. They bring absolute happiness. I share the unique wiring with my rascals like a typical Bollywood film- drama, emotion, action, and suspense. Oh, they don’t mind me calling them scoundrels, as they are one with an angelic smile and soul.

The unspoken one

Ah! Talking about Bollywood- the movies have given us primary friendship goals. It has clearly stated friendship as one of the significant bonds in our life, whether man or animal. This bind is unbreakable, irreplaceable, and something that moves beyond words; it has fights, arguments, sorrow, smile, happiness and tears. Yes, friendship is sometimes confusing; it’s a great bond. And Bollywood has beautifully portrayed this bond, its emotions, and its cruciality. And I love to binge-watch these flicks with my friends to reconnect. We hold our favourite, which I am sharing; first is Sholay from the golden era of cinema- Jay and Veeru’s friendship and unique camaraderie was a genuine tear-jerker.

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
Dil Chahta hai

We still employ the famous dialogue “Basanti In Kutto Ke Samne Mat Nachna” like a joke on one another. Another would be the three iconic characters Aakash, Sid and Sameer from Dil Chahta Hai or Rancho, Farhan & Raju from 3 idiots. Both movies showcased perfect bromance, sarcasm, calmness, and all possible stupidity. It conveyed we need to understand our friends and stand by them. Quickly, there are a few more, and you can use them as an opportunity to grab your gang or best friend and reconnect- Zindagi Na Mile Dobara, Rang De Basanti, and Dor.

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit

There is a when you know; your inner circle is there – whether best or worst days. This circle has your back; pen them down is impossible as there are so many emotions. If one is like sunshine, the other is like rain or breeze. “Our presumption about life rarely matches with realities. The truth is that when we give some love, we receive the same- Rabindranath Tagore.”

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
The younger Minion

And this is how I exactly feel for my bunch of Rascals. Talking about Priyanka, she is like rain that waters the flower of my soul. Always with a composition of rhythmic music, letting my heart dance to it, fresh smell of soil encouraging me of a bright day. You can never feel disheartened around her; she is always sassy & optimistic with her famous dialogue -Apun Toh strong Hai!

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
The elder Minion

On the other hand Utkarsh, he is the sun of my sky, shining bright & radiating all warmth. With him around, no mountains are too high or difficult to overcome—a burst of sunshine who understands how much heat to share. And Kunal, we go days without talking, months without seeing, but his friendship wraps me like air, reminding me to fly. He has inspired me to be like a free-flowing breeze or a storm to achieve my aspirations. 

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
My best friend- Mom

However, there is one particular friend I would like to add, because of whom I exist, she taught me and at the same time learnt with me too- yes, my mother. But honestly, this friendship takes work – hard work at times! And we all work towards this goal as they are our emotional Punchbags, the rock that keeps us grounded, the safety net we could fall back to, and know when to set us straight with some harsh truths. Friendship is the act of selfless love!!

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
The Sweetest Minion

With its highs of happiness and lows of loss and suffering, life’s journey would be unbearable without the continual presence of friends – the shared expedition easing the load, doubling the joy.

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
My Lifeline

These friends are like the open sky or the window of our life, where we seldom feel the breeze, sunshine & rain, cutting us away from this hectic lifestyle. Lastly, I want to thank these beautiful souls for being with me, inspiring me, loving me, and bearing my frequent mood swings. You are the minions of my life.

Friends: The Wires Of My Circuit
Friendship meaning

I am sharing a piece for all my friends and my annoying rascals.

Friendship is not about staying close, but it’s about continuing beside.

It’s not about speaking lies to make you happy but showing the truth to be solid.

Friendship is not about rushing off from our mistakes; It’s about working on them.

Friendship is not changed with time but changes time with togetherness.

To ask, How are you? Even though life is busy is friendship.

It’s not about selfies in the bright light but about holding hands on lonely nights.

Friendship is like oxygen for life.







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